Distributing the Future of Learning

We are a powerful new project aimed at leveling up the playing field in academics.

For Students

A cost effective way to actually learn what is related to your field, and remove lots of the "noise" in relation to academics.

For Educators

Many top tier educators now have access to an entirely new way of teaching and distributing their knowledge.

For Researchers

Researchers might actually get closer to what they deserve from their research, and build credibility on a decentralized network.

Are You With Us?

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  • Disruptive
  • Innovative
  • Decentralized

Why Learn With Us?

The Decentralized University is a powerful new project and initiative to distribute academia.

  • Global

    We aim to be a project that truly reaches global scale in offering quality education to the entire world.

  • Remote

    The Decentralized University will be remote-first and may even implement hybrid models as well in the future.

  • Expandable

    We will start off w/ online courses and certificates with hope to become a university over time.

  • High Quality

    As we expand, we hope to work w/ top tier instructors from Ivy leagues and research institutions.

  • Decentralized

    We are being backed by blockchain technology and distributing the way learning is done. 

  • Cost Effective

    The Decentralized University aims to be one of the most cost efficient learning solutions out there.

Powered by Innovative Blockchain Tech

The Decentralized University will be powered by or utilize many innovative technologies including the decentralized-internet SDK, CloutContracts, and BitBadges. Certificate hashes can even be stored on chain.

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